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Greetings! My name is Katiya Xiong and I have been designing WordPress websites for 10+ years. I am passionate about devising operations, marketing, and IT strategies for entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses. I am a servant leader with a collaborative work style who believes in solving complex business problems with simplified solutions. I make it easy for business owners to get started with essential infrastructural needs.

The things I love




My story…


Earned BSBA in Finance & Economics, Nichols College

I started my first professional job and learned how to master time management working remotely.


Started My Own Business

Designing websites for friends and families helped me land my first client in the freelancing space. I gradually expanded my services to include administrative and marketing support.


Back In The Workforce

Missing in person collaboration and to take on new challenges in my professional development, I joined a nationwide disability insurance marketing organization working closely with the founder.


New Value Added Services

Working in multiple small business functions and industries gave me immense exposure to Office 365 management, SharePoint design, video production, graphic design, website optimization, course development, and digital marketing. In March, Tim and I were blessed with our first child and we named him Stark, after Tony Stark from Iron Man.


Built 100+ Websites

This milestone taught me the endless possibilities with website design and development. The challenges in this journey started another journey for me to help businesses operate more efficiently and effectively using creative technology solutions. In April, we were blessed with our second child and we named him Lex, after Lex Luthor from Superman.


Whether I am at the office, at home, or traveling, you can expect that I am learning something productive.

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