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Kat is wonderful to work with! She has exceptional organizational skills and a very strong work ethic. She brings a great attitude and I am very confident in her capabilities.

Matthew Riordan

Secura Consultants

I have worked with Kat on several projects and was so impressed with her organizational skills that kept the projects on task and on time. Kat makes everybody else’s life so much easier!
Chris Carlson

Sales & Marketing Coach

Kat is one of the key players on the team and is the go-to person for almost anything. Kat can handle any task small or large. I would recommend Katiya for any project.

Mike Hemp

Artbox Creative Studios


Basic Copywriting for Web Designers (and Why It Matters!)

Basic Copywriting for Web Designers (and Why It Matters!)

Are your design mockups filled with “Lorem ipsum lorem ipsum”?  I don’t blame you if they are. It’s an easy way to fill space. I mean, you’re a designer, not a copywriter, right? Well, kind of. The problem is that it’s not really possible to entirely separate design...

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